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Our Commitment

I feel that being your adviser is not only about providing you with sound advice and the appropriate strategies for your situation, but it is also about delivering a high level of service at all times. Because of this, I make the following commitment to all my valued clients.

I commit to...

  • Putting your goals before all else.
  • Listening and understanding your concerns, fears, and objectives.
  • Providing you with the same advice and strategies I'd provide to my closest family and friends.
  • Returning your calls within one business day.
    Being flexible with your meeting needs and schedule.
  • Staying in touch with you in good economic times and bad.
  • Educating you on where your money is going and what it's doing for you.
  • Providing you with a comprehensive review, at least once per year.
  • Working with other professionals when I'm not the best option to address a specific problem.
  • Maintaining a network of legal, business and financial professionals to refer you to when necessary.
  • Maintaining a plan of servicing your accounts should anything ever happen to me and I can't be there for you.
  • Continuing my own education to ensure I continue to stay informed with changes in laws, taxation and product changes that could have an impact on your financial health.
  • Holding my company, staff members and teammates accountable to keeping your promises and giving you the best possible service in the future.